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Breastfeeding Project, Grimsby - Alex

Breastfeeding Project, Grimsby - Alex & Isabella

breastfeeding, grimsby, family photographer, cleethorpes

I want to start by saying thank you, thank you so so much to each and every person who has partaken in my Breastfeeding Project, who has championed my Breastfeeding Project, who has shared the events and invited friends, congratulated those that have been involved and spoken kindly about the artwork and the message being produced! You are all amazing and i'm so honoured to have this opportunity. I have met some of the most amazing people doing this and i'm so excited to continue this journey with you all! - Emma Please tell us why you would like to take part in this project?

This will be the second Hudson and Rose Breastfeeding Project that I have taken part in. I was so proud after completing it the first time after it having such an effect on the way that my friends (especially on social media) view and talk about breastfeeding. It also enabled other nursing mothers to talk about their breastfeeding journeys and experiences and reach out if they needed support. Most importantly these projects are a great way to celebrate personal breastfeeding journeys and breastfeeding as a whole.

breastfeeding, grimsby, family photographer, cleethorpes

Tell us a little about your breastfeeding journey so far?

When I was pregnant carrying Isabella, my initial goal was to reach six months of breastfeeding. When she arrived, I truly couldn't see myself even making it to a week! Day 3 came and I spent almost the whole day in tears on the phone to our local breastfeeding team (The Ashby Babes) who were absolutely amazing and came out to help twice in that day. I kept pushing onwards and took it day by day, week by week... now Bella is turning eight months old! Generally, you will hear, 'the first two weeks are the hardest, after the first six weeks it gets much easier, by three months you will really be getting into the swing of it and when you reach six months you will never look back.'

'Relatable' isn't even the word... Are you pregnant and plan to breastfeed? Try not to worry about it (like I did!). There is an extremely low percentage of women that are unable to (only 2%). Are you in the first week or two of your journey and finding it hard to keep going? - keep aiming for that six week mark! Have you reached 6 weeks already? You've cracked it! 3 months will be here before you know it. Just sit back, eat as much as chocolate as physically possible and watch the number on those scales grow! (The baby's scales of course...)

Our next breastfeeding project is already planned so if you want to take part then

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