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Breastfeeding Project with Hudson and Rose Photography, Georgina and Alba

Updated: May 2, 2023

Words from the wonderful Georgina about her breastfeeding journey


I think this is such a beautiful idea! When someone shared your post advertising the session I immediately clicked and booked! To have a professional photograph to remember our BF journey is a dream come true, we are working damn hard, we deserve it!


Alba arrived into the world at home as planned and as much as I’d planned to BF I hadn’t realised how hard it could be! She struggled to latch which was a huge worry and at a day old she had what we later found out was an episode of apnea. As we waited for the registrar to review Alba after being brought in by ambulance, I said to Matthew full of worry ‘we’ll just formula feed her, we don’t know what she’s getting from me, she’s struggling…’ but the registrar fully reassured us Alba was getting enough from me, she was 100% healthy and no reason to stop BF and wanted us to stay until I felt she’d had a good full feed and as if by some miracle we had our first good feed in a paeds clinic room in Lincoln A&E! But due to an inverted nipple Alba still struggled to latch on my left breast so I had to manually express the first few days, then my midwife suggested using a nipple shield until she was stronger to bring it out herself and it worked, 3 weeks later we didn’t need it anymore! I did notice Alba had tongue tie but as she was feeding well now we decided not to do anything about it. Also in the meantime I developed mastitis, typically over the May bank holiday weekend when the GP surgery was closed, on day 3 I finally got some antibiotics and it went away… but forgetful me forgot to finish the whole course and it returned a week later! Another course of antibiotics and it was gone. Fast forward to Alba being 4 months old I noticed her tongue tie was hindering her feeding even though she was measuring on the 98th centile, (not getting full, falling asleep feeding and making clicking noises) after calling the local feeding team to visit they agreed to refer us to the team at Sheffields Children Hospital and two weeks later her tongue tie was snipped. After all the issues and hard work, we are nearly 9 months in (so far) and have no plans of stopping! If I hadn’t have been so determined and done by BF research whilst pregnant there’s no way I’d have carried on past a few days, it is so hard… but I am soooo glad we overcame every hurdle!

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Georginas Google Review after our session. Not sure if to book or not? 100% do it! I came across Hudson and Rose Photography from a shared post by a fellow BF mums post in the local BF support page advertising the 'Breastfeeding Project' and after looking at the website and Emma's portfolio I instantly knew that it was something I wanted to be involved in! As a massive overthinker, introvert and having anxiety I asked loads of questions and Emma couldn't have been more happy to help and reassure me. The shoot was soooo much fun, relaxed and any worries I had in the lead up disappeared as soon as I met Emma and the other lovely BF mums. I've never done an outdoor shoot before and I loved it, no stress and Emma just snaps away whilst talking and was just the best with my little girl (10 months) and everyone. It's taken me DAYS to go through the photos to decide which ones to purchase, they are all amazing! I've never had such difficulty choosing which professional photos to purchase, that's how good they all are and her prices are great value for money. I hope to have another shoot with Emma in the future 100%! Click to book your Breastfeeding Project Slot Useful Links -

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