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family photographer grimsby - My Favourite Locations in north east lincs

Updated: May 2, 2023

As a family photographer in grimsby, (UK not Ontario) these are some of my absolute favourite outdoor locations to explore with my clients. weelsby woods Since sliding through the mud during cross country races here as a teen to bringing my own family to go on bears hunts, picnics and spend hours in the park here this is definitely somewhere i've spent a good chunk of my last 25 years. The way the woods look so beautiful during different seasons of the year is magical as are the surrounding fields. Over the last 8 years theres not many spaces within the that i've not photographed either personally or with clients and the results are always beautiful.

family photographer near, photographer grimsby, weelsby woods
portrait photographer, weelsby woods

peoples park This is such a lovely green space within an otherwise built up area of town, the play park is brilliant, except when it gets wet and sludgy, hopefully they've started adding more woodchip again this year. The trees that line the circumference make not only for great photographic framing but also perfect peek-a-boo spots for children. The pond in the middle is also a great wildlife habitiat when maintained too and the paths around the space are great places for children to learn to ride bikes, scooters, roller blade or just run loops till their hearts content. The blossom trees in spring are are extra special collecting a few pines cones for Christmas crafts has always been an activity that the kids have enjoyed.

family photographer near me, photographer grimsby, peoples park grimsby
family photographer near me, peoples park

bradley woods This is a recent discovery for me because its not easy to access without transport and having used only public transport till last year I definitely missed out on its beauty. Theres so much of this place I still have to explore the kids have also loved exploring it with their dad this year whilst i've worked and their reports have been of much fun and enjoyment. I accidentally managed to catch the bradley woods bluebells this year which was a delight and also the most beautiful carpet of white flowers in spring too. I can't wait to be back next year with my own family and to capture more beautiful memories for clients here too.

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photographer grimsby, bradley woods

I have sessions ready to book throughout the whole of 2023 now so why not schedule in some time to capture your family memories. Book Here. *As a family we spend a lot of time outdoors and exploring and obviously its my preferred working environment but whenever exploring outdoor spaces please always be respectful of these areas. They're homes to thousands of critters and creatures so please don't trample any flowers or leave any litter behind (we often try and take any little we find on our adventures to a bin also) and if you're entering a pathway that goes into a farmers field for example please don't trample crops, stick to the tire spaces if you want a closer look at the magic of what's growing but do me mindful.


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