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family photographer cleethorpes - My Favourite Locations in north east lincs

Updated: May 2, 2023

As a family photographer in cleethorpes, these are some of my absolute favourite outdoor locations to explore with my clients.

boating lake Have you visited the boating lake in cleethorpes? Its such a lovely place. You can feed the ducks (seeds not bread please) have a row in a boat, take a nice stroll around the lake and even access the beach with a short walk. There's the cleethorpes coat light railway which is a delightful treat and the discover centre which not only serves food downstairs but hosts Anything Goes upstairs which is the most wonderful collaboration of local small businesses under one roof. Oh and there's the observatory upstairs too so you can see right over the estuary.

Even with the beach close by the kids still love to play in the sand pit near the lake as well and if you go on the right day you can see some epic remote model boats gliding through the water.

cleethorpes beach The main beach is obviously a popular attraction in cleethorpes with locals and holidaymakers alike being drawn there year round. From the lollypop train to the arcades there's so much fun to be had. Children gravitate towards the donkeys thanks to the jingling sound of their bells as they gently stroll across the sand with giddy babes on their back. This summer we're determined to fit in a session or two of mini golf and the kids are desperate for a few goes on the beach rides like the ferris wheel.

There's plenty of food to choose from too, the regular favourites of ice cream, donuts and fish and chips and the ever popular browns cafe serving tasty meals too.

You can even grab a stick of rock or giant rainbow lolly.

There's a huge water sports community locally too and you'll often spot paddle boarders, wind surfers and jet skis enjoying the waves.

My kids favourite though, without doubt, is playing on the actual beach itself, they enjoy the simple pleasures. Building an entire village of castles, paddling in the shallows, a game of frisbee and the joy is, they get to do this all year round and they do, even on the chilliest of days these babes will throw in a request for the beach!

fitties beach, humber mouth yatch club The fitties beach is mainly a well kept secret amongst locals although some holidaymakers do venture down in the warmer months most prefer the main beach.

This makes the fitties a delightful place to set up for the day, take a picnic, a few beach games and just enjoy the beauty of area. During the warmer months there often an ice cream van in the car park for those treats that won't stay cold enough.

The sunrises here are often stunning and the views of our historical forts Bull Sands and Haile Sands (the closest one) are lovely.

If you fancy a change from the sand Tetney marshes just nearby makes for some great adventures and wildlife spotting and if you stay late enough (not so late in winter) you can catch some beautiful sunsets over the marshes too.

I have sessions ready to book throughout the whole of 2023 now so why not schedule in some time to capture your family memories. Book Here. *As a family we spend a lot of time outdoors and exploring and obviously its my preferred working environment but whenever exploring outdoor spaces please always be respectful of these areas. They're homes to thousands of critters and creatures so please don't trample any flowers or leave any litter behind (we often try and take any little we find on our adventures to a bin also) and if you're entering a pathway that goes into a farmers field for example please don't trample crops, stick to the tire spaces if you want a closer look at the magic of what's growing but do me mindful. photographer grimsby, photographer cleethorpes, photographer near me, family photographer cleethorpes, commercial photographer near me, maternity photographer cleethorpes, newborn photographer cleethorpes, emma shardlow hudson, hudson and rose photography, grimsby, cleethorpes


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