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What to Wear Guide | grimsby photographer | hudson and rose photography

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

So you've booked you're session but now you're not sure what to wear... or did you pre plan your outfit before booking, either way this guide may have some handy hints and tips for you. Remember below is just guidance, the most important thing to remember is these are your family photos so you need to be comfortable. Highlight your best asset.

Wearing something that highlights your best asset during your session will give you a boost of confidence throughout the shoot that will definitely show in your final images. Dress up.

No I don't mean in a Hippo or T-rex suit haha. Don’t be afraid to dress up in formal clothes. It’s not only fun, but it’s something different than the everyday and professional photographs should definitely be considered a special occasion! Fancy hiring a dress for your session? I have a few options available for free to all of my lovely clients. Click here >>> dress hire grimsby

Pick a statement piece.

Choosing one statement outfit with a few colors in it and use that to work off of for the rest of the family’s outfits can be a good option if you're struggling with coordination. Avoid Characters or Branded Clothing. These will be far from timeless in your photos and attention may be drawn towards a huge logo or picture of Olaf rather than focusing on the moment. On that note if your kids have a favourite toy then feel free to bring it along so long as you don't mind it in photos, unfortunately I will not edit out toys, I am however happy to put said toy upon my head to get your child's attention on hopefully make them giggle! Colours. The most timeless combinations are ones that have a base colour, same coloured denim, grey, brown etc and then 2/3 other co-ordinating colours and a pattern or 2 can be worked in on different family members in these colours. Neon colours and postbox red are also worth avoiding, they can really detract from the main subjects, yourself and your family and leave odd colour casts on your skin. Personally I love them as fun everyday colours as do my kids but they just don't photograph great or create that timeless feel. I have some extra colour and outfit inspiration on my pinterest board

Textures. A great way to add extra interest to your portraits without stealing the focus from yourselves. Bulky Coats Layer up instead, if you want to wear coats please nothing chunky, bulky or puffy. Its very hard to draw focus to happy smiling faces if you're coats make you 10 times the size of your head. Wear thermal layers for colder session, hat, scarves and gloves are also great so long as faces are see-able. Don’t forget about the shoes.

If you’re not the type of family who likes being barefoot, be sure to keep your footwear in mind. Nothing will throw your look off more than a tatty old pair of shoes. Make-Up Avoid too much make up and orange spray/self tans – If you are getting your hair and or make up done, be sure to be specific as what you want and tell them to keep it natural looking and consider the colours of your outfit. For spray tans try and choose an olive tone one and get them about a week before photos so it can fade a little. If you want some recommendations for my favourite local hair and make-up artists then pop me a message or email. Hair Its a continuous issue unfortunately but please try and tuck or pin the front part of long hair back. I have had some great shots lined up of beautiful children and parents and as soon as the shutter goes a gust of wind or a gently lean and suddenly everyone looks like Cousin It From the Addams Family. I want to see your beautiful faces and as lovely as your hair is I'm sure that's not all you want to see in your photo frames. Little things Watches, hair bobbles etc. Make sure you remove these before your photos along with any other jewellery or accessories you don't want including. I also don't fix chipped nail polish or kids temporary tattoos so paying attention to these little details pre-session is essential, a polish free nail is always better than a chipped one. Where will your memories be displayed? Think of where you want to display your photographs in your home and consider styling your outfits around that, similar or contrasting colours to the room they're in are always perfect options or if you change your decor often go for neutrals so your memories always look great.

The list can seem overwhelming initially so if you feel like that then pop me a message or email and we can brainstorm together, my main aim is for you to love your photos, that's why you hire me so i'm happy to help with this even if its just messaging a few photos back and forth to find what you love. photographer grimsby, photographer cleethorpes, photographer near me, family photographer grimsby, family photographer cleethorpes, maternity photographer grimsby, emma shardlow hudson, hudson and rose photography, grimsby, cleethorpes


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