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The return of our Breastfeeding Project

The return of our

Breastfeeding Project

Oh it's taken me way too long to get round to booking 2017's first Breastfeeding Project Session, i've had so many new ideas and things I wanted this project to include that it weighed me down a little. I decided to re-simplify and go back to my core reason for the Breastfeeding Project, Support and Normalisation.

This is the short version of our breastfeeding journey. In May 2013 I was admitted to Grimsby Maternity Ward where I spent 5 days, I only look back fondly on 2 parts of those 5 days. Firstly holding my beautiful newborn daughter in my arms and secondly the time that one of the amazing Grimsby Peer Support ladies gave to me to support me to breastfeed my newborn. Alexandria was my first and although I had seen breastfeeding my whole life I never really knew much about it except that it's how you feed a baby. It seemed simple enough, we're built to do this right, our bodies grow these tiny humans and then we nourish them. Unfortunately it's not always easy and it always takes some adjusting. I was exhausted after a traumatic birth experience but desperate to breastfeed Alexandria and received no support from the midwives who were unfortunately less than sympathetic. If it hadn't been for a Peer Supporter stopping by i'm not even sure I would've left the hospital breastfeeding due to latch issues never mind now be tandem feeding a nearly 4 year old Alexandria and her 1 year old brother Oliver. She took the time to sit with me with patience and kindness, she explained and demonstrated ways to get Alexandria to latch and stayed with me until I managed it alone, she gave me the confidence to persevere and perfect Alexandria's latch. I wouldn't be the parent I am now without breastfeeding, although it's one of the hardest things I have ever done it's also one of the most rewarding and has made parenting so much easier in so many ways.

So naturally with this in mind, all the other success stories i've heard due to the Peer Supporters and knowing the need for continued support of this amazing service we have access to, I wanted to give a little back. So for Junes Session our first of 2017 we will meet for a group photograph on the grassed area outside St James Church in Grimsby and as usual after the group photograph I will grab some individual ones for each of you. There will be the usual £15 booking fee which will still be turned into product credit for you but on this occasion I will use your £15 booking fees to go towards a double pump to donate to the Grimsby Peer Support Team. If we raise over the cost of a pump then we will look for something else to donate with the remaining booking fees. The Pump we're aiming for. The session will take part on June 22nd at 1pm as part of National Breastfeeding Week

To book your session click here or if you have any further questions pop us an email here.

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