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Breastfeeding Project with Hudson and Rose Photography, Amy and Laurie

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Words from the lovely Amy about her breastfeeding journey

To have my breastfeeding journey with Laurie photographed to remind me how wonderful and special it really is on days when it feels like a struggle or when our we've stopped. Plus its good to support the project so it keeps running and offering a safe place for others to reach out when they feel alone or hit a bump.

Amy and Laurie have become a regular at Breastfeeding Project and its been such an honour to capture their journey and watch Laurie grow and change ♥


It was a struggle to begin with and I honestly felt like I was failing my son as I waited far long than I felt I should for my milk to come in. I thought he'd end up on the bottle and I'd never get to breastfeed him and it made me feel like I wasn't cutting it as a mother. But over time I got there and although at first I felt shame talking about my rocky start I soon realised lots of breastfeeding mothers struggle. Some mothers had similar stories to mine and others started out easily than began to hit rocky patches. I think we often have breastfeeding thrust upon as the best option and its what we should do. But the struggles are real and aren't talked about enough leaving many woman to feel like they are failing and I've even seen women give up due to lack of support and feeling like its natural and therefore should be easy so its clearly them. But thanks to open mothers and opportunities like the breastfeeding project its becoming a lot easier to feel supported and to realise its not always an easy path. We are not alone.

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