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Our Favourite Toys

Our Favourite Toys with a large age range. I watched a video a few weeks ago of a young girl, maybe 11 completing a stacking challenge with a Grimm's Large Rainbow. Now we have the medium one and i'd been toying with getting a large for a while but £50+ seems like a lot on one toy for me especially when we already have one just smaller. Well the joy and squeal of achievement in this young girl got me completely rethinking about 'why' I buy the kids toys. When I buy them I look for good, solid, long lasting toys most of the time. Usually gender neutral and that will definitely withstand my crazy 4 year old, our even crazier 18 month old and maybe one day another baby/ nieces/nephews and even grandkids. What I hadn't considered though was toys that our current children would still want to play with in a few years as well as right now. So here is my list of Our Favourite Toys with a large age range and most of them encourage open ended play. (Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments) Grimm's Rainbow - Definitely Large but Medium is a great addition.

open ended, gender neutral toys, grimms rainbow, babi pur, wooden toys

Balls - We have a drona box in our Kallax with 3 large balls and numerous other balls of varying sizes and textures, this box leads to at least an hours play is not more and really will last forever.

open ended, gender neutral toys, rainbow, balls

Blocks - We have various brands and shapes of wooden blocks and we love them all and frequently mix them all together. Ones of the right size with a natural finish also make a great teething toy.

open ended, gender neutral toys, rainbow, blocks, wooden toys, smyths

Click Clack Track - Even I still love the satisfaction of ideally placing a car on the top and watching it click and clack down the track till it rolls out of the bottom.

open ended, gender neutral toys, john lewis, wooden toys, cars

Bee Hive - Stacking, Sorting, Fine Motor Skill Development and they're bees!

open ended, gender neutral toys, plan beehive, rainbow, wooden toys, babi pur

Wooden Instruments - Impromptu family percussion session anyone?

open ended, gender neutral toys, wooden toys, musical instruments

Large and Small Vehicles - Ours get used continuously for zooming around the house, carting patients to hospital, a quick race round the track or a giggle filled game of case the fire engine before the sound stops.

open ended, gender neutral toys, cars, wooden toys, melissa and doug

Stars in a Star - Technically meant for decor but we love it and I know the kids will have endless fun with this

open ended, gender neutral toys, wooden toys, stars, rainbow

Most of these can be bought elsewhere for varying prices and lots of our bits and pieces have come from Wilkinsons and Tesco's wooden ranges but their stock changes often. I'm sure there's more but that's enough for now, i'll add our favourite children's book list over the next week or so ♥

open ended, gender neutral toys, open ended play, children

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