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The Importance of Friends in Business

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Hudson and Rose Photography, Oliver and Bear

If you own your own business you will likely know exactly what i'm talking about when I say it is essential to have friends in the same business. You need to have people that understand the joys and stress of your job from the inside and feel it the same as you do, no one else is going to get quite as excited about nailing the bokeh in a shot or the fabulous depth of field that you've managed as a fellow photographer for example. Don't get me wrong my friends and family truly appreciate my work and see the beauty of the moments I capture but they just don't understand the little things the same as other photographers do.

Hudson & Rose Photography, Becky and Catherine

About 18 months ago an online friend added me to this wonderful group for UK photographers who are mainly mums as well, it was a huge turning point in work (Thanks Zoe ♥) and also a turning point in my connection with people. I became familiar with and even friends with some of these amazing woman and we have been able to bond over parenting and our jobs as well. Whilst i'm yet to meet many of these amazing ladies in real life our friendships still guide me. A local lady popped up within the group a few times and I followed her work for a while but we didn't really speak a lot. It wasn't until I booked in for our family photos with her that we really spoke and we've pretty much not stopped since, which is amazing. After our session we realised we literally live 5 minutes walk from each other as well!

Hudson & Rose Photography, Catherine playing hide and seek

It's so nice to have a friend that I can see in person that gets what my days can be like, that congratulates on awesome sessions and that although a lot of our clients overlap there is still no competitiveness between each other. It's lovely to know someone who believes in raising others rather than raising competition. It's amazing to have someone to share my skills with and that I can also learn from, Becky has taught me so much already!

Hudson & Rose Photography, Catherine throwing leaves

Hudson & Rose Photography, Joy

Hudson & Rose Photography, Oliver flying with Becky

The other day we met at the park whilst Alex was at nursery and we chatted, laughed, played with these two cuties and threw leaves everywhere!

Obviously I had to get some photos of this beautiful mama and daughter combo at work! Kathryn clearly ran the show and what's better than a natural, child led but gently photographer guided session! To see some of Becky's amazing work please check out her website​ and facebook page Rebeka Froggatt Photography. She does the most beautiful studio work as well as location sessions and is a prop queen! I'm envious of her beautiful collection!

Hudson & Rose Photography, Catherine teaching Mama

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