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Hudson & Rose Photography Family Memories Sessions - Lee Family

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to photograph one of my favourite families again. Its amazing being able to work with people that I adore! I went to school with Candice and Sam and for the last 3 years have had the honour of capturing their life as a family each Autumn and watching their girls grow!

Our sessions have all been at the ever changing Weelsby Woods so far and its just one of the most amazing places to work, everywhere you turn there's a beautiful new backdrop.

This session was a bit more special than usual though because I got to meet Candice's lovely parents.

We had a wonderful walk around the woods and lots of laughs and the girls totally ran the session but you can't really resist when they're this awesome!

Candice's dad even got some shots of me working... I finally understand why I feel like i've done a full body workout after a day of sessions!

100% looking forward to our next session!

If you're interested in booking a babywearing session, a family lifestyle session, or a breastfeeding session in Grimsby or Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire then please take a moment to contact me. You can view our pre-session faq's and pricing here! If you're looking for more photos of our work... Or if you want to stay up to date with Hudson and Rose Photography, be sure to follow our Facebook Page to keep up.

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